Top 9 Bikes Launched in India, 2019

The year 2019 is a year for bike enthusiasts. Many new bikes are getting launched this calendar year, making it super exciting for the bikers. Several high performing ones and super-bikes are also coming this year along with the daily commuter range. If you are planning to buy a new two-wheeler this year, then gear up to know about all the launched and to be launched bikes and treat yourself to so... Read More
History of Cars

History and Evolution of Cars

Human beings have been continuously evolving ways and means to travel quickly and efficiently. The automobile industry has been a work in progress and continually developing for over a hundred years. The evolution that started from slow-moving oxcart has grown into a complex piece of machinery that performs safely and efficiently. If we trace the invention of present-day cars, we can attribute it ... Read More

What is a Genset? How Does it Work?

Are you tired of those constant and erratic power cuts? It’s time you bring a powerful portable Genset. A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and helps you work uninterrupted in the event of a power cut. A useful appliance, it comes in different electrical and physical configurations. So, depending upon the use, you can choose among the many options available in the marke... Read More

Top Power Companies in India

India is the third-largest producer and consumer of electricity, and the national electric grid comes with an installed capacity of 360.788 GW. India has a surplus power generation capacity. However, it lacks the distribution infrastructure. In an endeavour to enhance and improvise it, the government had launched the Power for All program in 2016. The authorities did succeed to a certain extent; h... Read More
Electric Buses in India

Electric Buses in India | SF Sonic Blog

With increasing population and pollution level, switching to electric buses in India is the way forward. According to the World Health Organisation, 9 out of 10 people in the world are breathing air that contains pollutants and is killing around 7 million people globally. Vehicular pollution is the leading cause of air pollution. In a country like India, the increasing population and lack of publi... Read More