Now your selfie could give you prizes every week

Are you an automobile aficionado? Do you own a car/ bike? Are you a selfie addict? If the answer to all three is an emphatic “Yes”, here is some great news for you. SF Sonic is delighted to present to you the #PowerSelfie contest where you can win exciting prizes every week. Just click a selfie with your car/bike, upload on our wall with the hashtag #PowerSelfie and ask your friends to like... Read More

The amazing world of batteries in a nutshell

Batteries are devices that convert stored chemical energy into useful electrical energy. A battery may be thought of as a clever variant of a standard exothermic chemical reactor that yields chemical products with lower energy content than the chemical reactants. In such a chemical reactor, the overall chemical reaction proceeds spontaneously (possibly requiring a catalyst and/or elevated tempera... Read More

The life period of battery in normal use for Two Wheeler

Two wheeler batteries may last as little as 2 years, or as much as 10 or 11. A lot depends on how they are stored and cared for. There are many things that can cause a battery to fail or drastically shorten its life. One of those things is allowing a battery to remain in a partially discharged state. We talked about sulfate forming on the surface of the battery’s plates during discharge, and ... Read More