Tips to Maintain Inverter Batteries in India

Just 10 minutes are left for the final match of the Champions’ League to start. You have gathered all the beer and chips that you need for the first half. You’re just about to settle down in your snug couch when the power goes out. The tension is killing. Your nerves are taut. Will you miss the game? Every second now seems like eternity. In five seconds flat, the power comes back on. You breat... Read More

How Vaahak, the eRickshaw Battery will Power us into the Future

The Rickshaw has been an iconic representation of our country to the world. It has got almost ingrained in the DNA of our transport system and we can never do without these slipping through even the most tightly packed cordon of traffic snarls in any city of India.  But with the changing times, our very own Rickshaw is also undergoing a transformation. It’s going electric with a specially dev... Read More