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How to Know if your Battery is Safe

A Primer from the SF Sonic Lab A car battery looks like a harmless box of plastic but is probably one of the more volatile parts of your car if you don’t buy the right battery. So how does one know if a battery is safe to use? For this, you need to understand a few points about what happens inside a battery. Lead and lead dioxide plates are immersed in an electrolyte solution that is made u... Read More

Female. Fearless

Women can fly. Women can touch the sky. They have wings. They have spirit. And there is no height that daunts them. Here’s our tribute to women who are simply amazing.  The women on wheels, on wings and on high diet of adrenaline. Debbie Lawler aka “The Flying Angel” You would think that EvelKnievel, the daredevil motorcycle stuntman, has no equal. Well a woman made us think again. De... Read More