Power Drives From Kolkata

It’s time to crank up your car batteries and  explore the hidden marvels around Kolkata. SF Sonic has a list of places you absolutely must visit near Kolkata. Nature, architecture, fun and adventure. There is something for every kind of traveler. So power on all weekend long!... Read More

7 Road Species We Want To See Extinct

Sf sonic car batteries, one of the leading battery brands in the market. Brings you the #SFsonicroadspecies series. This article gives an interesting twist to everyday characters we meet on the road. There’s something about the road that brings our animal instinct out. A sense of freedom? Power? Speed? Or just the thrill of controlling a moving machine? Whatever it is there are certain kinds o... Read More

Best Five Places to Cool Off this Summer

Oh cool, thank-god for summer. Why be miserable and seek air-conditioning this summer,when you can be outdoors literally chilling out. Here are five places from the five major metros of India you should be going to for a cool break from 40°C. So rev up your car batteries and start preparing for a cool ride this summer. Panchgani. Soar above the valley. Panchgani(and its twin hill station Mah... Read More

7 Cars That Define the Power Performances of World Cup 2015

The World Cup is done and dusted. We are left with memories of some outstanding cricket. Much like a road trip where the length of the journey is forgotten and what is remembered is how the drive felt in our bones. Being automotive battery manufacturers we love to take everything back to our first love Cars.  So we asked ourselves that if we were to pick 8 top performances, which ones would the... Read More