SF Sonic Vaahak Cup – Football Match

SF Sonic Batteries conducted the Vaahak Cup- a football match for e-rikshaw drivers in Berhampore District, Murshidabad, W.B. on 16th August 2015. The celebrity guest for the evening was Mr. Subrata Bhattacharjee, ex-footballer and national coach. The event also had a medical camp for the drivers. All the players were e-rikshaw drivers from in and around Berhampore. 16 teams participat... Read More
best ways that leads to fuel savings

The Empowering Wellness Sutra For Fuel Savings

Scan the internet and you find enough and more has been written on how to save on fuel costs. We say feel relaxed about the rising fuel costs. Just a few adjustments that include servicing your car on time, cleaning out your air-filter and keeping your tyre inflated at the prescribed pressure are all good technical reasons for fuel efficiency. Of course fuel savings means more wellness for the wal... Read More
Road Trip Checklist - 10 Points to Remember Before you go on a Road Trip

Road Trip Checklist: – 10 Points to Remember Before you go on a Road Trip

The Zero Mile Road Trip Checklists Can’t wait to go on a long road trip? We say wait for a while more. The next few hundred odd kilometers need to be smooth for you, enjoyable, pleasurable and not spent looking for a mechanic in the back of beyond. The time to do a thorough check is at the start of the journey and not wonder what is that small clank you are hearing somewhere after you cross cit... Read More