Recycling Batteries

Batteries don’t die

Have you wondered why batteries run out? The most common forms of non-rechargeable batteries used are the Zinc-Carbon battery and Zinc-Chloride battery. The other types of non re-chargeable batteries include Alkaline-Manganese and Primary Button Cells.  Inside them an irreversible chemical reaction produces the ‘charge’. Over a period of time, impurities pile up which prevent further reaction... Read More
The Sunrise that never was - Nepal Road

The Sunrise that never was

It took me more than 48 hours to reach here. The journey kept my back bone question the very point of its existence. I travelled across borders to another country without a passport. It was just the wind in my hair and my Royal Enfield. The blood rush in my veins made my brain do strange things; spontaneous interactions with people and unexpected voyages made this journey eventful. The journey end... Read More

The Bikerni: Less Muscle, More skill

India has a plethora of bikers. Biking communities are plentiful and the idea of exploring the unknown in a country as diverse as India is something that they live for. From the many tales of these communities, comes a story of inspiration and awe. The story of ‘The Bikerni’, India’s first all women’s motorcycle group. Yes, if you ever thought a 1000 cc beast would only be a male bastion, ... Read More
Formula1 Race History

Five fascinating facts about the first Formula One race in history

It’s been 65 years since the chequered flag was raised and the sound of a formula one engine reverberated across the world. But did you know that the first ever race included a Thai prince, a hare and a well known jazz musician? Well, here are five things you didn’t know about the historic moment in Silverstone. The race had two names The first world championships was officially called Grand... Read More