Kaziranga National Park

Travel to the North-East of India

If God wanted some peace and tranquility, He would have gone to the North-Eastern frontier of India. A land of mist, deep velvety green forests, mighty rivers, steep ravines, fierce warriors and gentle beauty, it is nothing short of paradise. In the jungles roars the mighty tiger, herds of elephants gently graze, the grumpy rhino charges at everything, exotic birds call their mates to nest and hum... Read More
Ferrari 488 GTB

Top 5 sports cars

Speed is the ultimate adrenaline pumper. However, a sports car is not only about speed but also about sustained performance, muscle, and oozing good looks, plus the ease of driving and built-in features. Here are the top 5 sports cars at the moment: I. Ferrari 488 GTB: Superb Italian design makes this beast boasting of a 3.9ltr twin turbo-charged V8 engine look lithe and jaw-dropping cool. Tit... Read More
Best Car Battery Online

How to replace UPS battery?

SF Sonic produces one of the best UPS batteries available in the market. You can easily purchase UPS battery through our network of SF Sonic dealers. Just click here to find our dealer located closest to you. While the SF Sonic dealer will do the battery replacement, for your assistance we have listed below some basic steps for replacing your UPS battery: Step 1: Determine which battery you re... Read More

Sixth Edition of SF Sonic Zamindar Ka Doctor, Bagra, Jalore District (Rajasthan)

Zamindar Ka Doctor is a social initiative by SF Sonic, dedicated to the farmers who are considered the ‘Lifeline’ of the country. The fundamental truth is that most corporates involved in agriculture & allied industries, are just focused on delivering better crops, higher yield, better irrigation, natural fertilisers etc. Hence, most organizations tend to focus only on the raw materials a... Read More
Preparations for a road trip on bike

Preparations for a road trip on bike

There is nothing like a road trip to freshen yourself up. After the daily rigors of work and life have sucked up most of your soul’s vitality, a road trip is a great remedy to rejuvenate. The trip itself becomes a lesson on life if well planned and well executed. Here are some essential points to consider before venturing on motorcycle road trip: Which bike to choose: There are people wh... Read More