5 awesome locations in Delhi to drive to

5 awesome locations in Delhi to drive to

Delhi has two faces—the New and the Old. Both these fronts must be visited to get a true feeling of Delhi and ‘Delhi ki sardi’.  Here are five locations you should never miss if you ever visit Delhi Delhi Haat, INA: This permanent haat is a quintessential part of South Delhi and captures the shopping spirit in you. Lined with distinctive shops laden with interesting items from cloth... Read More

How to drive safely in the rain

Tropical monsoons can transform a terrain within minutes. Especially in countries like India, rains can be devastatingly powerful if they have a prolonged stay. Even mild showers can cause the roads to become slick and unsafe for driving. Here are a few suggestions you can keep in mind while driving during rains. It will keep you safe: Focus: The most important thing is maintaining concentra... Read More
Kinnaur Road

5 deadliest roads in India

Some roads are not meant to be taken. India ranks unusually high on the list of countries which experience traffic collisions and fatal accidents. This is partly due to rash driving and inexperience. However there are a host of dangerous roads in India which are roads that lead directly to the Inferno. We list here 5 deadliest roads in India. Drive safely. Check your batteries, so you don't get st... Read More