Fit for Speed - Moto GP

Fit for Speed

You are absolutely convinced looking at the lean and wispy riders and the TV footage of the Moto GP race that you have it in you to become a speed devil. So you go out and buy the most eye-popping bike with stats and definitions that blow your mind. Soon you start racing on the secluded highway. Well, sooner than that you will find out that the critics were wrong. Driving in Moto GP is not for the... Read More
Maybach Excelero

Top 5 most expensive cars in the world

Some cars become great, some are made great and some have greatness thrust upon them and some cars are just out of this world!!! The super luxury car segment has some amazingly cool cars that make our jaws drop, make us skip a heartbeat, and soon enough, we get lost in wishful daydreams of us riding in one of these into the sunset, kicking up a dust storm. Well, hang on! These cars do cost big,... Read More
Ducati 1299 Panigale S

5 bikes that get our adrenaline pumping

What is it in bikes that make our heart beat faster? Despite our best efforts, every time we see one of these exhilarating pieces of art we cannot but halt and watch them rush by. Or else spend a few minutes watching them stand like ambassadors of excitement. It is for sure that almost every one of us has had a moment when we just wanted to grab them and go for an adrenaline pumping spin and feel ... Read More
Road Trips

How to make your road trip more adventurous?

Road trips are fun. Road trips that become adventures are more fun! Trips are meant for exploring your own self as much as new places. Here are 10 useful hacks to turn your usual road trip into an adventure. Make a Flexible Plan: Life seldom goes according to plan. A road trip should follow the same example. You may fix a destination but ultimately it is not reaching the destination that m... Read More
Suzuki GSX-R1000

Most Awaited Sports Bikes of 2016

Sports bikes always capture our imagination. Even for those who are not that into owning or riding one, the beauty and power of these machines are still irresistible objects of interest. New models challenge our imagination. The wait for the ultimate speed machine is an unmatched feeling…We list here the top 5 eagerly awaited sports bikes of 2016: Suzuki GSX-R1000: As always, Suzuki plans to ... Read More