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4 Reasons for The Increasing Popularity of e-Rickshaws

E-rickshaws – It’s a bet you’ve been on one of them. E-rickshaws are growing in popularity because of the several benefits they bring along. Here are 4 reasons for the increasing popularity of e-rickshaws:

1) Convenience in commuting
Given the increasing traffic, city commuting has never been more inconvenient and challenging. However, e-rickshaw is emerging as an effective solution to cope with inconvenience commonly faced in city commuting.
It is easy to board on an e-rickshaw as it doesn’t have clunky doors. The open design of e-rickshaws help in avoiding congestion commonly faced in public buses. Plus, the suspension system adds more comfort.

2) Eco-friendly
One of the biggest advantages of using e-rickshaws is they are eco friendly. How? E-rickshaws don’t use a combustion engine. Instead, they use a high torque electric motor which powers the rear wheels.
The electric motor draws power from the batteries which are generally placed underneath the seat bay. As e-rickshaws solely rely on electric power, they don’t cause air pollution.

3) Easy to ride
An e-rickshaw is fairly easy to ride as the drive train has a simple mechanism. Unlike auto rickshaws, you don’t have to deal with clutch and gears when riding an e-rickshaw. Also, switching from a conventional rickshaw to an e-rickshaw is simple. This is because the chassis of both are almost similar.

4) Easy to maintain
Given that e-rickshaws have a simple chassis and working mechanism, they are easy to maintain. The open design of the chassis makes it easy to clean and check for damages. E-rickshaws have a longer working life as their chassis has a durable construction.

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