5 Bikes that got ya all weak at the India Bike Week

Harley Davidson-India Bike WeekWhat’s a bike week without the unveiling! The week leading to the India Bike Week was full of chatter and impatience to see what new bikes will be flaunted for India duty. And there was no disappointment.  Here are the top bikes that got our senses vrooming and motorcycle batteries zooming!

Keeway Blackster 250

Keeway Blackster 250 - India Bike Week

This mid-range cruiser has been brought to India by the DSK Group. 250 cc, 5-gears and a maximum power of 19bhp is what it delivers. But we were just completely sold on its black matt finish. Estimated at a price under 2 lakhs it could just be affordable for bike lovers who have been saving away for a 2-wheeler that would set their life on fire.

Benelli Trek Amazonas

Benelli Trek Amazonas- India Bike Week

This Italian Stallion is meant to break away from the roads. This is the latest unveiling from the house of Benelli and brought to India by DSK. It is built to give you the ultimate cushion ride making every off-the-beat track inviting. The 1130cc 3-cylinder engine makes bike touring an adventure you just cannot forget. Worry about the price just once because the moment you hit the road you will leave everything behind.

Triumph Tiger XCx

 Triumph Tiger XCx - India Bike Week

Triumph lovers could not contain their excitement as they fawned over the XCx. This 800 cc beauty can be quite the beast. Riders can simply choose a setting from Road, Off-Road, or Programmable Rider Mode depending on whether they want to cruise or go off-road. The bike automatically configures the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Maps. Plus there is an on-board computer that keeps track of all the data for your journeys – speed, fuel economy and journey time.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson Street Glide-India Bike Week

First the price. It’s Rs. 25 lakhs and upwards. Now that its out of the way, just step back to admire the 1690 V-twin engine, think about the 65 bhp and 134 Nm of torque it generates and dream of what it would mean to have the wind on your face. Then, after sometime, you will start wondering how they designed the air-adjustable suspension, where you can just turn a dial to take on heavier or lighter loads by increasing or decreasing the air pressure. The best part though was the spectacular white paint that the Street Glide had been given on the exhibit rack.

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750 - India Bike Week 2015

Piaggio does not compromise, neither on performance nor on styling. The Shiver 750 is a street-fighter motorcycle. It responds with all the power of a 750 cc V-Twin engine and gives you a fantastic 95BHP of power. The 6-speed gearbox and ABS adds additional control for the rider.  It comes in three riding modes – Sport, Touring and Rain. The price tag?Around Rs. 8 lakhs. And we know you are telling yourself ‘what’s 8 lakhs, it’s just money isn’t it’. You are right, it’s nothing compared to the way your heart will beat to the rhythm of its engine.

Wait the list does not end here. Get your two wheeler batteries revved-up because it’s an honourable mention of the Prince and Duke.

Yuvi’s KTM Duke 390

Yuvi’s KTM Duke 390 - India Bike Week 2015

They say today’s cricketer is a privileged lot. Well, one look at the customised KTM Duke 390 created for Yuvraj Singh by Autologue would give much credence to the story. But then that would be only half the story. The bike is set to be auctioned and the proceeds will be going to YouWeCan an initiative by the Yuvraj Singh Foundation (YSF) to fight cancer. And Yuvraj himself rolled the bike in much to the delight of the roadies in the crowd.

India Bike Week promised new bikes. It delivered. Now we are waiting for you to come riding in with your take.