7 Cars That Define the Power Performances of World Cup 2015

The World Cup is done and dusted. We are left with memories of some outstanding cricket. Much like a road trip where the length of the journey is forgotten and what is remembered is how the drive felt in our bones. Being automotive battery manufacturers we love to take everything back to our first love Cars.  So we asked ourselves that if we were to pick 8 top performances, which ones would they be. And if we were to describe them, which cars would we compare them to. Buckle up for here are the results.

2-54 vs Australia
The Shelby Mustang ’65




The Shelby Mustang GT350 was specially modified by Shelby American in the Ford factories from 1965 to 1967 to produce 306 hpof power. The car is not known as the Cobra for nothing.It’s not made for comfort,it’s made to eat the road up.That’s exactly what WahabRiaz nearly did with the Aussies. Just like the classic American roadster, WahabRiaz made the ball weave, leap and spit fire. When Riaz had Warner and Clarke out in quick succession, little did Watson know that he was striding out to face the bowling spell of his life.What a confrontation it was and it has stayed trending all over the cricket world. WahabRiazcame as changebowlerand went back a legend.

Steve Smith
105 vs India 
The Toyota Camry

Steven-Smith105-against-india-and-camry-e1427709250989Always reliable, the Camry has provided speed, comfort and dependability all rolled into a price that is unmatched it its class. A car for all ages is what the pundits say. And for all journeys, with its shocks system and efficient mileage.  Since 2010 the Toyota Camry has got a lift with the introduction of the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder hybrid model, making it yet again the leading Most Valuable Player in cars globally. The century in the semis against the Indians from Australia’s MVP, Steve Smith underlined that he was indeed the man to take the Australian middle-order legacy into the next decade of cricket. Mixing aggression with serious thought to building a platform, he virtually put the Indians out of reckoning. Without a fuss.

Grant Elliot
85 n.o. vs South Africa
The Jeep Wrangler

A foot soldier to the hilt except when it comes to leading from front. No obstacle was too much for Elliot as he shifted effortlessly into top gear especially when the going got steep. A 4×4 performance that tamed the South African safari.  Run a ball in a crisis in the match-up of the tournament? That’s sheer mental power. A Jeep Wrangler man all the way.

Mitchel Starc
6-23 vs New Zealand (league stage)
The Porsche 911 996 Turbo
When you are a new model in a long line of proven performanceslike the 911 from Porsche, it is difficult to leap frog to the top of fan lists. But that’s exactly what the Porsche 911 Turbo Type 996 did. It was a new water-cooled  model with a design revamp on the classic 911. The design won many awards. But the smooth aero-dynamic performance and the 3.4 L engine simply won hearts. Just like Starc’s six wicket burst did, itgot the Aussie fans behind the team, shook the New Zealanders up and probably also won the mind game for the finals. In a long history of pace bowling that includes Thommo, Lillie, McGrath, Starc emerged as the new age paceman.

79vs South Africa
The Alfa Romeo 147

Rahane79vsSouthAfrica-e1427709297189The Alfa Romeo 147 was European Car of the Year in 2001. And coming from the hot auto studios of Italy,a family car was not much to cry about. But for the next 10 years it’s sheer performance would turn mild Uncle Harris next door into Dirty Harry. For example the GTA variant used a 3.2 V6 engine and reached a top speed of 246 kmph. In the match against South Africa, coming between Shikar, Rohit, Kohli and Dhoni, AjinkyaRahanewas expected be Mr. Dependable, hold the innings together. So much so that bowlers forgot what a pocket sized power machine he is. And Steynand co. found that out when he blasted a 60-ball 79 to put the match really out of the SAFs reach.

Safraz Ahmed
6 catches vs South Africa 
The Renault Duster

SarfazAhmed6CatchesvsSouthAfrica-e1427709312919The Pakistanis were leaking like a sieve behind the wicket, catches, stumpings gone a begging in previous matches. Then a change with Safraz Ahmed as the new wicket-keeper. His cool 49 was followed by stellar keeping as he pouched 6 catches to mark the revival of Pakistani hopes in the World Cup, when most experts had written them off. Safraz Ahmed’s performance against the SAFs held the team together and they became contenders once more. Just like the 85 and 110 PSI Renault Duster in India which created the city SUV category. Till that time nobody had given a second thought to Renault in the overcrowded Indian auto market. Then the Duster rode into town and the marketing executives at Renault started to sing.

96 vs Scotland
The Smart Fortwo

Samiullah-Shenwari-e1427709328953When Mercedes launched the Smart Fortwoin 1998, the small compact two-seater city car was a bit of a joke in auto circles. It’s 2015 and it is into its third generation selling in 46 countries, clearly having the last laugh. A gentle reminder that good engineering can come in any size. Something SamiullahShenwari reminded world cricket and its heavyweights, with a master-class 96 against Scotland. At one point the Afghans were more or less out of it, their score reading 97-7 chasing 211. Then SamiullahShenwari pieced together the innings of a lifetime to script the first World Cup win for a nation low on hero stories. And with it, two Associate nations had played, arguably, the best match of the tournament.

You may or may not feel that we have quite got the list right. But hey this is cricket and cars. No one can ever do that. But we are interested in what you think. We kept the comments space open for you.