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7 Deadly Sins of Fuel Efficiency

SFSonic Car Battery LifeYou would be surprised to know that the fuel efficiency of your car is in your hands rather than the design of the car. Most of us do simple mistakes out of habit or thinking that if the majority is doing it, it must be right. Well here are 7 sins that can easily be avoided and your car can go longer on a tank of fuel. This will also help car battery life.

Keeping your car idling in the morning. Most people keep their car idling for over two minutes in the morning while they are busy choosing what CD to play or hooking their mobile phone to handsfree. The best way to warm up your car and get lubrication going is to simply start driving slowly out of parking. This gets the car warmed up faster and you put your fuel to good use by going a bit of a distance. If you do have to indulge in some car idling doesn’t do it beyond 30 seconds.

Increasing wind drag Drive at cruising speed because the higher the speed the more the wind drag. Also make sure you don’t have show accessories like spoilers that protrude out from the sides and remove the rack from the top if you don’t need it. All of this reduces wind drag because the more your car resists wind the more the fuel needed by the engine. Since not all of us have a sleek sports car in the garage.

Running errands alone a lot of fuel is lost in the hunt for parking. Easily solved if one person drives while the other finishes the errands. So run errands in pairs it also means good company.

Unnecessary weight in the car you don’t need a degree in science to know that the more weight in the car the more the fuel needed to run it. Yet an average audit reveals cars are full of jackets, CDs, full overnight bags, broken car parts and toys, all adding to weight. Try not to overload the car and she will need less fuel to run.

Postponing servicing the more dirt in your oil and filters the more is the load on the engine. Service your car at the right intervals to make sure the oil is clean and the filters are not clogged. This will result in a lot less fuel demands from the engine.

Thinking the road is a race track when confronted with an open road the tendency is to step on the gas while shifting gears in an attempt to reach top speed. Though it looks gorgeous when they do it in Fast and Furious, you are simply wasting fuel. You can save a lot of fuel by changing your gears at moderate speeds and still reach top cruising speed with time to spare.

Keeping the tyre pressure as stamped on the tyre It pays to keep the air in your tyres at the pressure prescribed by the car manufacturer rather than that indicated on the tyre. Tyre pressure plays an important role in maintaining speeds and carrying loads. Recommended tyre pressures help in engine efficiency and therefore the manufacturer knows best.
Any other sins that burn fuel coming to your mind? Go ahead use the comments section below.