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Are you the proud owner of a motorcycle? Is riding a bike your passion? In both cases, you need to take good care of your dear bike. Periodic bike servicing and maintenance is vital to keep it in a roadworthy condition. The whole bike servicing process involves many mechanical and electrical checks. Some of the primary checks and balances include,

Oil and Filter Change: When you take the bike for regular servicing, the engine oil gets replaced for better performance and longevity. To replace the engine oil, you should remove the drain plug and channel out the old oil into the tray. Along with oil change, you should check the drain plug washer, clean and fit it. Besides, unscrew the old oil filter and put the new one.

Air Filter: Bikes usually come with paper or foam type of air filter. If it is a paper air filter, then you can tap to remove the dust. However, for foam one, you need to wash it with a solvent, dry and re-oil it. If either of these filters is too dirty or damaged beyond repair, then you will have to get them replaced during servicing.

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Spark Plugs: After riding the bike for a period, the spark plugs will show signs of wear and tear. There will also be a gap between the electrodes that will need adjustment. You can measure the difference in the spark plugs using a feeler gauge. After that, you can adjust the gap by bending the side electrode. Besides, you will need to get new plugs too if the old ones are corroded or dirty.

Drive Chain Adjustment: There is slack in the drive chain, and this chain stretches with use. Using chain adjusters, you can take up the excess slack at the end of the swing-arm.

Oil the Levers, Pivots and Cables: The regular oiling of cables, pivots and levers is a must as they are less exposed to natural elements. With periodic oiling, these will be well lubricated and facilitate the smooth working of the bike. Just apply a few drops of oil on either end of the cables, brake pedals, stand pivots and gear changer lever pilots.

Adjustment of Clutch: This is an essential aspect of bike servicing as it enables smooth gear change and prevents the clutch from slipping. In most bike clutches, there are threaded adjusters and lock nut on either end for tuning.

Check the Engine Idle Speed: During the bike servicing, it is vital to check if the engine idles at the right speed. The idle speed is when the bike is fully warmed up. Most bikes come with an idle speed adjuster knob. You can find this knob on the side of the carburetors.

Brake Pads: You should also check the brake pads of the bike, which wear down with use. Locate the brake pads from the mouth of the caliper. If the pads are not visible, then they can get removed from the caliper for a proper examination.

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