Built in India. Tested in Poland. Ready to conquer the world

Built in India

In an earlier post, we had reported on the progress of the FMX4, the concept car developed by Formula Manipal – the FSAE team of Manipal University in association with SF Sonic. Here are some latest updates on the project.

Things are looking very positive, with the team having left for Poland for the testing procedure, an exercise conducted jointly with the Wroclaw University of Technology. Post this process, the FMX4 and its team will be leaving for Hockenheimring, Germany where they would participate at the Formula Student Germany (FSG), a prestigious competition from 29th July to 1st August, 2014. The FMX4’s travels don’t end here. The team departs from Germany and heads to the Czech Republic, where they’ll take part in another esteemed event, the Formula Student Czech Republic (FSCz) from 7th August to 9th August, 2014.

Things are looking up for the Formula Manipal team. They have made proper utilization of the resources provided to them by SF Sonic batteries. They are powered by 60 a-h batteries to jump start the car, 14 a-h batteries for internal cranks and 7 a-h batteries for other testing purposes. With the success of the launch, SF Sonic wishes the team the very best in their endeavors’.