Car Battery Problems Faced During the Monsoon Season

Driving in the rains has its charm. After the long summer season, monsoon comes as a blessing. It is the time when you start planning those long road trips to nearby waterfalls and mountain tops to explore nature at its best. However, what if your car stopped in the middle of a downpour when you and your family were out for a long drive? Getting stranded on a highway or mountainous terrain is the last thing you will want. The reason behind this break down many a time can be the battery. Your car battery is most vulnerable during the monsoon season.

Below are some of the common battery problems you and your car will face with the onset of monsoon.

Corrosion of Battery Terminals: The battery terminals are highly susceptible to corrosion during the rainy season. Moisture content is high and the chances of rusting increase significantly. It is for this reason that lubricating the terminals and parking the vehicle away from moisture and damp places is advisable. If the battery terminals get corroded, it will prevent the battery from giving the power to start the motor of your vehicle.

Unsecured Battery: Rickety and muddy drives are standard during monsoon. If the battery is not fitted correctly, then acid can spill over the motor affecting the wiring and causing other hazards. So, it is essential that you check the battery fitting right at the start of the rainy season. Avoiding puddles may not be feasible, but securing the battery is and can avert battery-related challenges.

Battery tends to Weaken: The car battery can become weak during the rainy season. It can be due to rusting, loose terminals or unsecured battery. Adding to the concern is the fact that you cannot quickly jump start the batteries due to the risk of explosion. Even if you have insulated cables, exposing the battery to rain or moisture can cause corrosion and reduce the battery life.

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