Car Maintenance Checklist For Road Trips

Planning to head out for a road trip? It’s important to do a thorough check of your car before you take your family out on a road trip to make sure that your car doesn’t break down. Here we discuss some important things you need to do before you hit the road. Read on –

First things first, it’s crucial to make sure that the air pressure is correct on all the four tyres. Incorrect tire pressure can be a fuel guzzler, especially if you are driving for long hours. Ensuring correct tyre pressure is one good way to ensure a safe drive.Also, check the condition of all the four tyres.

2.Brake system
Check the brake system before leaving for your road trip. Make sure that the brake oil is topped up to the ‘full’ mark.

3.Engine oil
Checking the engine oil and the due date for changing it is a must before you leave. It’s important to change the engine oil if you are close to oil change interval recommended by the manufacturer.

4.Other fluids
Apart from the engine and brake system, there are other lubricant reservoirs in your car which you shouldn’t forget to check before leaving for your road trip. For instance, check the transmission and differential fluids to ensure the smooth running of your car.

5.Engine coolant
Engine coolant in new vehicles designed to have a working life up to 150,000 miles (2,41,401 kilometres). It’s important to ensure that the coolant reservoir in the engine is topped up.

6.Car Battery
You don’t want to go through start failures when taking pit stops during your road trip. To prevent this scenario, it’s important that you conduct a thorough inspection of your car battery.

First, check for corrosions at the terminals (and the cable joints) and clean them if present. Also, it’s crucial to maintain the recommended electrolyte level; top up the electrolyte fluid if necessary.

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