“More Power Per Crank.” – SF Sonic Batteries

Tested, Certified, Proven. Against the best batteries in the market. If you know your car, you will be having a SF SONIC under the hood. Just ask the engineers at Jaguar and Range Rover who have recommended SF SONIC as OEM for their cars. We have technical collaborations with world’s leading lead-acid battery manufacturers of Japan, USA and China and our factories roll out what we believe it i... Read More

Tips to Maintain Inverter Batteries in India

Just 10 minutes are left for the final match of the Champions’ League to start. You have gathered all the beer and chips that you need for the first half. You’re just about to settle down in your snug couch when the power goes out. The tension is killing. Your nerves are taut. Will you miss the game? Every second now seems like eternity. In five seconds flat, the power comes back on. You breat... Read More

How to deal with Monsoon – A guide to vehicle care

Monsoon has set in. So has the menace of delayed starts and frequent breakdowns. So how do you tackle this nagging problem? Here are a few tips you can follow to keep these issues at a minimum. Check your car's condition - Check brakes, steering system, tyre pressures, tyre tread depth and defroster operation regularly to be ready to deal with a downpour. Check your battery - Check it often,... Read More

Raw power – The longest six in IPL history

In blatant exhibitions of power and timing, IPL stars, irrespective of young guns and seasoned veterans, have smashed the ball out of the ground time and again; sometimes even at will. And boy, do they go the distance! 126m has been the longest recorded six in IPL. The name’s Robin Uthappa – the utility batsman who stands behind the wicket at times. It was the 2010 edition of the cricket ca... Read More