7 Cars That Define the Power Performances of World Cup 2015

The World Cup is done and dusted. We are left with memories of some outstanding cricket. Much like a road trip where the length of the journey is forgotten and what is remembered is how the drive felt in our bones. Being automotive battery manufacturers we love to take everything back to our first love Cars.  So we asked ourselves that if we were to pick 8 top performances, which ones would the... Read More
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How to Know if your Battery is Safe

A Primer from the SF Sonic Lab A car battery looks like a harmless box of plastic but is probably one of the more volatile parts of your car if you don’t buy the right battery. So how does one know if a battery is safe to use? For this, you need to understand a few points about what happens inside a battery. Lead and lead dioxide plates are immersed in an electrolyte solution that is made u... Read More

Female. Fearless

Women can fly. Women can touch the sky. They have wings. They have spirit. And there is no height that daunts them. Here’s our tribute to women who are simply amazing.  The women on wheels, on wings and on high diet of adrenaline. Debbie Lawler aka “The Flying Angel” You would think that EvelKnievel, the daredevil motorcycle stuntman, has no equal. Well a woman made us think again. De... Read More

“More Power Per Crank.” – SF Sonic Batteries

Tested, Certified, Proven. Against the best batteries in the market. If you know your car, you will be having a SF SONIC under the hood. Just ask the engineers at Jaguar and Range Rover who have recommended SF SONIC as OEM for their cars. We have technical collaborations with world’s leading lead-acid battery manufacturers of Japan, USA and China and our factories roll out what we believe it i... Read More

Tips to Maintain Inverter Batteries in India

Just 10 minutes are left for the final match of the Champions’ League to start. You have gathered all the beer and chips that you need for the first half. You’re just about to settle down in your snug couch when the power goes out. The tension is killing. Your nerves are taut. Will you miss the game? Every second now seems like eternity. In five seconds flat, the power comes back on. You breat... Read More