This Is How Public Buses Have Evolved Since Their Launch

The History of Public Bus Transportation The public transportation system has come a long way. Its evolution started in the 1820's, and it has undergone a sea change. Different kinds of public transportation have come and gone. The bus transit medium that we know today has a long history. With technological advances, it has evolved from horse-drawn cars to cable cars, rail systems eventually pa... Read More
New Vehicle Battery Technolgy

New Battery Technology and Future Batteries | SF Sonic Blog

The battery is the backbone of your car! It is the battery that provides your vehicle with infinite power to drive you around, roll that power window up and down and help you charge your smartphone on the go. There are many hidden tasks that the battery executes for you. While much has changed in the automobile sector, there is little growth and innovation in the car battery. The big car and techn... Read More

Signs That You Need to Buy a New Car or Bike Battery

A battery is the life force of a car and bike. If you want a smooth journey everyday and everywhere, then monitoring the health and battery of the vehicle and bike is essential. If there is any damage or leakage, the chemical composition of the battery will change. This modification will have an impact on the performance of your car and bike. There could also be a risk of your car or motorcycle, n... Read More
Road Trips

How to make your road trip more adventurous?

Road trips are fun. Road trips that become adventures are more fun! Trips are meant for exploring your own self as much as new places. Here are 10 useful hacks to turn your usual road trip into an adventure. Make a Flexible Plan: Life seldom goes according to plan. A road trip should follow the same example. You may fix a destination but ultimately it is not reaching the destination that m... Read More

Scenic Weekend Getaways from Mumbai!

Mumbai is a city that hardly rests when it is at work. However, when one takes a break, there are breathtaking places to visit around it, to relax and enjoy some quality time. Although they are meant to rejuvenate your mind, these places can also empower your spirit. These destinations located near to Mumbai can be easily reached on road and we list here five such power drive locations for you: ... Read More