CFL Batteries – The Smarter Way Out Powered by SF Sonic Batteries

CFL battery is a simple miniature version of full-sized fluorescents. They will screw into standard lamp sockets, and radiate a light that looks similar to the common incandescence. They are environment friendly too, as in they use one tenth of normal bulbs. A CFL has a higher purchase price than an incandescent lamp, but can save over five times its purchase price in electricity costs over the lamp’s lifetime.

The working of a CFL bulb is similar to that of a normal electric bulb – electrons that are bound to mercury atoms are excited to states where they will radiate ultraviolet light as they return to a lower energy level; this emitted ultraviolet light is converted into visible light as it strikes the fluorescent coating on the bulb. SF Sonic Batteries’ proprietary power technology ensures continuous bright lights even during extended power cuts by creating CFL Power. CFL batteries from SF Sonic employ an advanced hybrid alloy system to store and discharge electricity for full luminance throughout the back-up period. To the layman, it simply means that if you have a power cut, CFL batteries will ensure that you don’t lose out time in the dark. What’s more, CFL Power batteries can recharge themselves pretty quickly even when they are in a state of deep discharge, making them the most suitable option for places which suffer from long and extended power cuts. These CFL batteries are manufactured at Exide Industries’ state of the art factory in Taloja near Mumbai and are supplied to all parts of the country, wherever there is an SF Sonic Batteries dealer to serve the public.


  • Unmatched power performance and high reliability powered by Hybrid Alloy technology backed by robust grid design.
  • Shedding of active material is prevented by special Glassmat separators for extra service life.
  • Minimized acid spill and fumes leakages are ensured by the sophisticated lid and venting system.
  • Advanced venting design ensures no water loss thereby eliminating the need of frequent top up.
  • High impact resistance provided by rugged polypropylene containers with reinforced edges.
  • The need for topping up and maintenance hassles reduced by high electrolyte levels.