Female. Fearless

125 X 125_BWomen can fly. Women can touch the sky. They have wings. They have spirit. And there is no height that daunts them. Here’s our tribute to women who are simply amazing.  The women on wheels, on wings and on high diet of adrenaline.

Debbie Lawler aka “The Flying Angel”

Debbie Lawler

You would think that EvelKnievel, the daredevil motorcycle stuntman, has no equal. Well a woman made us think again. Debbie Lawler not only brought women stunt-biking to the fore, she beat EvelKnievel’s indoor record by taking off a ramp and sailing through the air over 16 trucks in 1974,a mind-blowing distance of 101 feet. Comics, toys and even films have been based on her, inspiring the character of Daredevil Debbie, a fan’s delight through the 70s. Legend has it that she simply said, “By all rights, I should have been killed.” after a crash which broke her bones and then went on to set a record jump one month later. No wonder we say women power is resilient. So all you women get your two-wheeler batteries all charged up and become an awesome daredevil!

The Wing Walker Trio

Daredevil Breitling Wingwalkers
There are three women in this world who always make necks turn. Turn up that is. Sarah Tanner, Danielle Hughes and Stella Guilding make up the world’s only aerobatic wing walking team. First thing, who is a wingwalker? It’s a stunt person who does stunts hundreds of feet in the air strapped to the wing of a plane. Yup.  Everytime these women take a plane up, they dance, wave, perform headstands and hang upside down from the wings of a plane that’s zipping through the air at 150 mph. They’ve been all over the world stunning audiences with their jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring manoeuvres. Defying death? Well it’s all in a day’s work for them.

Jolene Van Vugt

Jolene Van Vugt Fearless Stunt

She is the first woman to do backflip a full-sized dirt bike. Just to give you a perspective, it’s said that 75% of the men can’t even backflip on a soft cushion.She holds multiple Guinness World Records, a plethora of titles in Motocross and her stunt videos gather millions of views. She inspired the women’s Motocross movement in Canada, as if it was a foregone conclusion ever since she got her first bike at the age of 11. The very fact that, the legend that is Travis Pastrana personally trained her, tells us that there is nothing called ‘macho’ in this world. Jolene continues to redefine male domains with her love for life and brings cheer wherever she goes, drawing fans by the thousands to every action sporting event she enters.

The All-Women Biker Clubs of India

Women Biker Clubs of India
Women riding pillion? Bah! Bikerni, Riderni, Hop on Gurls, The REgals, Bengal Lady Bikers are all-women biker clubs that are storming the highways of India. And in two-strokes they make for liberation with the wind blowing in their hair. The best part is the sense of fashion they bring to biking with their love for bike gear from trendy helmets and leather jackets to sweet t-shirts that would make any Hell’s Angel go red. What’s interesting is that, yes, men do follow their blogs and facebook accounts, but more for info on bike road trips. That’s women power going at top gear. They say women are creatures of passion. Well give them a bike and you will know why.

Jacquie de Creed, the Stunt Queen

Jacquie de Creed, the Stunt Queen

Jacqueline Balmer started life as a stunt woman in films with many TV shows to her credit including the popular Disaster Squad. And then went on to break multiple Long Distance Car Ramp Jump records. Her name is very much there in the Guinness records with her spectacular 232 feet jump in a Ford Mustang which remained unbeaten till her death in an air crash in 2011. Women bring balance to this world. Jacqueline did too. She is said to be the only woman who could drive a car balanced on just two wheels.  Imagine her vrooming away with our car batteries!

We salute the power of women to change the dynamics of our world. On two wheels and four. Like, Share, Comment and spread the word. Women’s Power runs life.