How AI and Self Driving Tractors are Transforming Agriculture? | SF Sonic Blog

Technology is changing the world! It is the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution, popularly known as Industry 4.0. Every business is gradually embracing Industry 4.0, and the farming sector is also following the path. The introduction of automation of farm equipment to keep track of crops is changing the business of agriculture. It is for this reason that some experts referred to this era in farming as Agriculture 4.0 in the World Government Summit. The use of self-driving and AI tractors is becoming a reality and changing the farming industry for good. Here are some of the prominent benefits of bringing technology and such tractors in agriculture.

Improved Crop Management: The autonomous and AI tractors can plant, spray and harvest the field accurately. They come equipped with GPS and work using a prescription file. So, these tractors will spray weeds, diseases and insects only on the required patches of land. It is even more beneficial for vast farmlands. Managing and keeping track of land and crops becomes easy with self-driving and AI-powered tractors.  

Efficient Seed Selection: With the traditional means, farmers need to plan seed selection ahead of the planting season. This turns out to be a disadvantage if any unforeseen changes affect the crops. However, with autonomous tractor operations, farmers can easily carry out seed selection in real-time and avert any challenges and concerns.

Increased Cultivation: Improved crop management and seed selection will help in increasing the cultivation manifold. It will also reduce the scope of losses due to unforeseen weather conditions. A report by Goldman Sachs indicates that using such technology will increase the cultivation by 70% by 2050. This increase in farm yields will also be a necessity by 2050, when the world population is expected to reach 9 billion.

Reduce the Need for Large Farming Machinery: Experts predict that these autonomous tractors will replace large farm machinery. It will usher efficiency and reduce the cost of farm machinery. These self-propelled autonomous tractors can easily replace sprayers in vineyards and orchards.

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Limit Manual Work: A report by CNBC suggests, along with big types of machinery, it will also replace some of the manual work. The labor intensive and human dependent tasks will get performed by self-driving tractor and AI-powered robots. It will make the whole system more efficient and eliminate the scope of manual mistakes.

With self-driving and AI tractors in farmlands, the farming operations will get optimized and provide a safer and less strenuous work environment to farmers and their families. The present trend of more and more farmers quitting agriculture will also reduce as the losses will be minimal and work will be less stressful. These programmed vehicles can observe the field independently, decide their speed and avoid human and animal obstacles, and perform operations flawlessly. Even if there will be some job losses, the World Economic Forum report suggests that AI and robotics will create 58 million more jobs. At present, the global agriculture industry employs 20% of the world population. This $3 trillion industry will have to reconcile this workforce as it embraces AI and automation.

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