How to Maintain Your Car Battery in the Monsoon Season?

The monsoon season is here! While you look forward to those long drives to enjoy the rains and chilly breeze, your car suffers from dirt, slush, electrical and rusting issues. This doesn’t mean that you need to be home-bound during this season. Instead, get the car ready with some pro tips and make the most of this lovely season. To get started, you need to maintain the car battery as the last thing you will want is to get stuck on the road during a torrential downpour. Below are some ways you can manage your car battery this monsoon season and benefit with a smooth drive.

Check the Battery for Corrosion: To start with, you should check for signs of corrosion on the battery. If you notice signs of green-white powdery substance on the negative terminal of the cell, it can be a sign of corrosion. The power flow in a corroded battery is usually weak, and it can betray you anytime. This makes it vital that you clean the battery terminals now and keep the car batteries in a healthy state.

Tightly Screw the Terminals: When the terminals are not tightly screwed, it can lead to battery corrosion. It can also damage the battery in the long run. The terminals should be correctly screwed anything too tight or loose can destroy the battery beyond repair.

Clean the Battery: Now is the time to clean the battery correctly. You can follow a simple process of soaking the terminals in distilled water and then wash it with the help of a toothbrush. You can scrub the dirt, green-white substance and clean it perfectly. After cleaning, you should spray electronic point contact cleaner on the poles to obliterate corrosion completely. After that, dry the poles and terminals but let a bit of electronic point contact cleaner stay for lubrication.

Replace the Battery, If Needed: After cleaning the battery and checking for corrosion and tightly screwing the terminals, if you feel the battery is deformed or acting up, then it is better to change it. Driving in rainy season requires you to take necessary precautions and battery is vital. So, if in doubt, replace the battery immediately.

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