How Vaahak, the eRickshaw Battery will Power us into the Future

eRickshaw SF Sonic BatteriesThe Rickshaw has been an iconic representation of our country to the world.
It has got almost ingrained in the DNA of our transport system and we can never do without these slipping through even the most tightly packed cordon of traffic snarls in any city of India.  But with the changing times, our very own Rickshaw is also undergoing a transformation.

It’s going electric with a specially developed eRickshaw battery by SF Sonic Batteries. SF Sonic Batteries, which is a brand of repute among battery manufacturers, has developed an eRickshaw battery called Vaahak. Available with all battery dealers pan India, this SF Sonic eRickshaw battery is a revolutionising not just the battery market but the automotive market as well.

The sighting of eRickshaws is steadily on the rise. Running on electricity instead of conventional fuel, these eRickshaws have been a breakthrough in controlling the rising pollution levels in our country.

A multitude of dealers in the eRickshaw business are importing cheap parts to assemble eRickshaws in India but the batteries are being procured from battery dealers in India itself.

eRickshaw Battery Prices in India

The reason being, while Chinese parts cost less and eRickshaw battery prices in India range somewhere between Rs 17,000 and 20,000, it still makes better sense to buy them as they come with the assurance of unfailing quality from manufacturers like SF Sonic Batteries. Vaahak, the eRickshaw battery developed by SF Sonic Batteries can also be fitted in eRickshaws of any make. And that’s something that makes Vaahak the answer to a multitude of problems.

Vaahak comes with a lot of promise for the future and features that will help it travel all the way.  The key features being that it is bottom anchored with more power for more load carrying capability and it comes with a 6 month warranty.

More and more commercial three wheeler owners, be it in bustling metros, throbbing small towns or quiet hamlets, are finding e-rickshaws a low maintenance and a profitable option over the conventional auto. So if you have been looking to travel into the future, now you have the perfect Vaahak for you.