SF Sonic Zamindar ka Doctor press coverage in Kanpur

SF Sonic battery has launched a nationwide campaign ‘Zamindar Ka Doctor’ here from the city on Wednesday.
It aimed at reaching out 25,000 farmers across India.

During campaign, the company will organize free medical check-up for farmers and free battery check-up for tractors
The launching was held at Fatehpur, near Kanpur.

SF Sonic Coverage appeared in the following newspapers:

Chetna vichardhara

kanpur-Chetna vichardhara     Page no.2,jun 25  kanpur   2015

Mate Akhirat

kanpur-Mate Akhirat    Page no.12 ,  jun 25  2015,  kanpur

Pioneer Hindi

kanpur-Pioneer Hindi Pg no 03 IMAGE4545

Rashtriya Swaroop

kanpur-R.swaroop   Page no 03 ,jun 25  kanpur

Swatantra chetna

kanpur-S.chetna    Page no.4 , jun 25, 2015,  kanpur

Siyasat jadeed

kanpur-Siyasat jadeed   Page no.08 ,  jun 25  2015,  kanpur

Spast awaz

kanpur-Spast awaz      Page no.11,jun 25 2015  kanpur

Tarun mitra

kanpur-Tarun mitra   Page no 02 ,jun 25 kanpur

kanpur-The Pioneer Pg No 03 IMAGE4544


kanpur-ujala      Page no.12, Apr 25, 2015  kanpur1

Vyepar sandesh

kanpur-Vyepar sandesh   Page no.08,jun 25,2015    kanpur