“More Power Per Crank.” – SF Sonic Batteries

Tested, Certified, Proven.

Against the best batteries in the market.

If ySF SONIC Batteryou know your car, you will be having a SF SONIC under the hood. Just ask the engineers at Jaguar and Range Rover who have recommended SF SONIC as OEM for their cars. We have technical collaborations with world’s leading lead-acid battery manufacturers of Japan, USA and China and our factories roll out what we believe it is the most cutting edge technology in Lead-Acid Energy Storage Systems going in India now. Because more than just market share, it is power packed performance that we deliver to customers that motivates us. We want to be the first choice battery for customers at all times. And every time we have been tested against leading competition we have come tops.

SF Sonic Batteries

Here’s why.

  1. We have set a new benchmark in battery’s ability to retain its water.

    In Water Loss test at 60°C for 42days, our batteries have shown unmatched performance with recorded water loss of 1.3gm/Ah against specification of max. 3gm/Ah. No other competitor battery is known to have successfully passed such stringent requirement.
    Why is maintaining low levels of water loss important?
    As the battery is used, water molecules split into oxygen and hydrogen and gas is formed which results in water loss. This is even more so on overcharge. This leads to a decline in capacity and can cause disintegration of the separators in the long run  which eventually means that the battery would have to be replaced sooner than later. No worries absolutely on that count with SF SONIC.

  2. On any one-to-one comparison, SF SONIC automotive batteries are proven to give unmatched performance in dead cranking of vehicles.

    This is especially important in urban traffic conditions where vehicles come to dead halts and the idling is turned off to save fuel consumption. However if your battery is non-responsive it leads to more fuel burn than needed. SF SONIC designers have worked towards getting a single crank start in as many conditions as possible.

  3. SF SONIC Batteries are also proven to have higher load endurance (HLE) than any competitive battery.

    This is much needed in these times where a car means accessories – deck, mobile charging, higher lux headlights, fog lights, reading lights even fridge. The battery has a lot more load to bear and can lead to a situation where the discharge rates are quite high and fast, leading to lower capacities. But with SF SONIC Sonic the High Load Endurance (HLE) ensures that the car gets its optimum power even with all the on-board electricals are at full power.

  4. Unmatched performance in high temperature endurance, in tests most other batteries simply don’t take.

    SF SONIC batteries are tested in very high temperature differentials. On one hand it is tested for performance in heat at a high 70°C and then tested for cold conditions at a freezing -30°C low. This high degree of checks makes sure the power in every battery comes through as promised on the box.

  5. Any condition overcharge endurance beats most other batteries.

    SF SONIC batteries have been proven to perform in arduous conditions all over India. SF SONIC batteries have withstood severe usage abuse and extreme weather conditions. Even before they hit the road, they are lifecycle tested in the severest conditions in the labs.