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The battery is the backbone of your car! It is the battery that provides your vehicle with infinite power to drive you around, roll that power window up and down and help you charge your smartphone on the go. There are many hidden tasks that the battery executes for you. While much has changed in the automobile sector, there is little growth and innovation in the car battery. The big car and technology giants are aware of the limitations of Lithium-Ion batteries, and a power revolution in battery technology is around the corner.

Some of the recent battery discoveries that could soon replace your existing car, bike, smartphone and smart home batteries include

Sand Battery: A perfect alternative to the Lithium-Ion battery. It uses silicon and provides three times more battery power as compared with the existing graphite Li-Ion batteries. The scientists tried using nano silicon in the beginning. However, it degrades way to fast, and it is challenging to produce it in more quantity. So, they used sand to purify, powder and then ground with salt and magnesium to provide pure silicon. This aids performance and the life span of batteries.

Capture Energy from Wi-Fi: Wireless inductive charging is already a reality. A team of researchers have developed a radio wave harvesting antenna that can capture energy from Wi-Fi. With this device, the intent is to directly capture AC power from Wi-Fi in the air and convert it into DC to recharge a battery or to power a device. With this technology in place, batteries can get charged without connecting to the power supply.

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Gold Nano-wire Batteries: This is yet another pioneering development from the University of California, Irvine. These gold nano-wire batteries can withstand plenty of recharging. With this battery in your car or gadget, you will not have to worry about the battery dying. The only concern with this battery is that it tends to break down when recharging. To tackle this problem, gold nano-wires in gel electrolyte get used, which can withstand recharging over 200,000 times.

Solid-State Lithium-Ion: In a solid-state Lithium-Ion battery, sulfide super-ionic conductor gets used, providing you with a superior and stable battery. This battery can work correctly in extreme weather conditions too. Operating on super-capacitor levels, it can charge and discharge completely in 7 minutes.

Sodium-Ion Batteries: Research has been going on since the 80s on Sodium-Ion batteries. These are seven times efficient as compared with Lithium batteries. Moreover, sodium is one of the most commonly found materials and much cheaper. Scientists in Japan are working on these batteries for commercial use in smartphones and cars. It should be a reality in the next 5 to 10 years.

There are many such ongoing battery technology research projects by automobile companies and universities. Some scientists are also trying to make current batteries more efficient. If the existing batteries can get pushed beyond their existing limits without getting affected with issues of overheating, then there will be no requirement of new batteries.

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