When there’s an iPad up for grabs, better hurry up!

How often do you like freebies? Those that come of good; bring a smile to the face? Here is a chance like that. Because the freebie in question happens to be a brand new iPad. Yes, it’s true. You can now win an iPad, just by letting us know your favourite destination. Find out the thread at https://www.facebook.com/SFSonicBatteries/photos/a.130423153798153.1073741828.127684554072013/179012588939... Read More

The energy process supplied by a battery

Being very user friendly, a lead-acid battery can be conveniently discharged and recharged quite a number of times. With each cycle, the charging process stores energy in the battery in the form of potentially reactive compounds of sulfuric acid, lead and lead oxide. The discharge process is another chemical reaction among those components that release the stored charge in electrical form. Since n... Read More

Built in India. Tested in Poland. Ready to conquer the world

In an earlier post, we had reported on the progress of the FMX4, the concept car developed by Formula Manipal – the FSAE team of Manipal University in association with SF Sonic. Here are some latest updates on the project. Things are looking very positive, with the team having left for Poland for the testing procedure, an exercise conducted jointly with the Wroclaw University of Technology. P... Read More

Follow World Cup Round of 16 updates with Peter Shilton

He has to his name, 10 World Cup final clean sheets. He was under the bars when Diego Maradona scored his infamous Hand of God goal. Please welcome the iconic English goalkeeper Peter Shilton as he dons a new role – that of a writer. He will write for a guest column in two national dailies – Hindustan Times (Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata editions) and Ananda Bazar Patrika (Kolkata edition), coveri... Read More

How to deal with Monsoon – A guide to vehicle care

Monsoon has set in. So has the menace of delayed starts and frequent breakdowns. So how do you tackle this nagging problem? Here are a few tips you can follow to keep these issues at a minimum. Check your car's condition - Check brakes, steering system, tyre pressures, tyre tread depth and defroster operation regularly to be ready to deal with a downpour. Check your battery - Check it often,... Read More