Monsoon Drive: A unique initiative

Mumbai monsoons have their clear claim to infamy. Some of these are car breakdowns and flooded streets, among others. The primary concerns for cars during monsoons are delayed starts and frequent breakdowns. While there might be a lot of reasons for these, batteries are one of the prime causes. It is thus in the best interest that batteries be checked regularly, more so during the onset of monsoon... Read More

SF Sonic gets the chance to empower the dreams of Manipal university students

SF Sonic is honoured to be associated with Manipal University now. They are one of the proud sponsors of a student project, Formula Manipal, the official FSAE team of Manipal University, 2014 batch. This entails the design of a ‘Formula styled student prototype car’, named FMX4. This car has been designed by a team of 25 students. The batteries for this car have been provided by SF Sonic. &... Read More

The importance of car battery maintenance: An expert speaks.

The first thing that buying a car brings to my mind is its maintenance. However, if you’re aware of the ideal process of battery maintenance there is hardly any need to worry. Maintaining the battery in the right way always turns out be a life saver for cars. Maintaining a battery The battery, being the backbone of a car is the first thing you need to take care of. The wellbeing of the bat... Read More

Raw power – The longest six in IPL history

In blatant exhibitions of power and timing, IPL stars, irrespective of young guns and seasoned veterans, have smashed the ball out of the ground time and again; sometimes even at will. And boy, do they go the distance! 126m has been the longest recorded six in IPL. The name’s Robin Uthappa – the utility batsman who stands behind the wicket at times. It was the 2010 edition of the cricket ca... Read More