“ROAD” – Manali to Leh

“ R O A D ” - Manali to LehFor those who believe there is really a “road” from Manali to Leh, in Ladakh, one would gracefully ask them to define the very word.

482 kilometres without a fuel pump.
Jagged, muddy slippery stretches of gravel.
Foot-deep stretches of slushtraps.
The ever-present danger of landslide. Rockslide. Mudslide. Sometimes all three.
Narrow paths that yawn stingily for lonely hundreds of miles.
Oxygen getting rarer by the minute.
No more than tents to sleep in along the way (with much used and rarely cleaned quilts and blankets).
No civilisation for the most part, and for the city greenhorns, no cellular network.
It takes off-roaders a minimum of two – three days to traverse this route.
So why do people even embark this unpleasant sounding journey?
This question cannot be answered in words. But one guesses these pictures might go a little way towards it.

A full tank, a jerry can filled with spare fuel, well-checked tyres and a strong will can get you there, however, road warrior. At those oxygen-starved heights, to keep your engine from refusing to start, it would help if the car battery under the hood is as tough-spirited as you. The powerful SF Sonic for instance, simply doesn’t acknowledge the dizzying altitudes up there. Conquer, if you will, the world’s highest motorable roads and get within a whiff of China and Pakistan!

Once you’re done with Ladakh and its awe-inspiring offerings, may we suggest you drive to Srinagar, on stunning, well laid tarmac through jaw-dropping terrain? This is the legendary NH1. But do not assume you’re past all peril, dear traveller, because the treacherous Zoji La pass ambushes you all of a sudden, zigzagging in its one-laned slipperiness through the mountains for one last adrenaline rush before you ease into a more hospitable path to Srinagar.

Khardung La

Khardung La

The World’s Highest Most Arid Desert

The world's highest most arid desert

Sight en Route

Sight en route

On Top of the World
On top of the world
Pangong Lake shared by India and China

On top of the world

Jagged Mountains

Jagged mountains

Igneous Formations Leh Road

igneous formations Leh road

Taglangla Altitude : 17582 ft


Gravel Path Manali to Leh
Gravel Path Manali to Leh
Gravelly Path to Nubra Valley

Gravelly path to Nubra Valley

Treacherous Turn On the Way to Leh

Treacherous turn on the way to Leh

Continental Drift Mountain

Zoji La - the most treacherous pass

Winding Roads Closer to Leh

Winding roads closer to Leh



Wild Terrain

Wild terrain

This Could be a Landscape on Mars

This could be a landscape on Mars

Wild North

wild north

Zoji La – The Most Treacherous Pass

Zoji La - the most treacherous pass