Road Trip Checklist - 10 Points to Remember Before you go on a Road Trip

Road Trip Checklist: – 10 Points to Remember Before you go on a Road Trip

The Zero Mile Road Trip Checklists

Can’t wait to go on a long road trip? We say wait for a while more. The next few hundred odd kilometers need to be smooth for you, enjoyable, pleasurable and not spent looking for a mechanic in the back of beyond. The time to do a thorough check is at the start of the journey and not wonder what is that small clank you are hearing somewhere after you cross city limits. So be patient and ensure you do a careful checklist before you zoom down that open highway.

Road Trip Checklist - 10 Points to Remember Before you go on a Road Trip

  1. Fluid Checks and Clean Filters
    Service your car before you hit the road. Get the oil levels, brake fluid, coolant level checked and top up where needed. Get all your filters cleaned; make sure your exhaust is not blocked with impurities.
  2. Electricals and Electronics
    Do a full check of all electronics and electrical, starting with your wipers. Run a top down check and make sure all of the following are working – central locking, power window controls, deck, A/C, GPS and all lights including your signal lights and hazard.
  3. Wheel Alignment
    Make sure your wheel balancing is done before the journey and all your tyres are responding well to suspension.
  4. Brakes
    Very important your brakes respond to your usual pressure. No harm in getting your brakes tightened a bit before you start the journey as it will loosen up as the days roll by.
  5. Emergency Kit
    Ensure you have your emergency kit in the car. This should include your car tools, jack, emergency stop sign, torch, emergency contact numbers of family on a card on the dashboard and medical first aid.
  6. Spare Tyre
    Get your spare tyre checked for pressure before you leave. The last thing you need is a puncture and the stepney also out of commission.
  7. Check Tyre Wear and Tear
    Use a coin or a tyre gauge and see if the grooves are deep enough in your tyres. Check to see if any tyre lining has given out on the side rims. Make sure no nails are embedded in the tyre, remove small pebbles that have been stuck in the grooves. Your tyres should be good enough to last the journey.
  8. Car Insurance and Papers
    Your insurance should be up to date; the last thing you want is an expired insurance on the road. And don’t forget to take your registration papers with you.
  9. Water in the Wipers
    That’s probably the last thing you should do, fill up the wiper water tank. You are going to collect a lot of dirt and dust on the way every day and a good wash-down with the wipers will help your driving.
  10. Check the battery: If you’re in the middle of a forest or a deserted hill side and your car doesn’t start your road trip ends there, so make sure your car battery is with full charge and your battery terminals are plugged in tight. Always clean the terminals, a little baking soda and water will clear out all the dirt.

So all set? Where are you headed? What’s your dream road trip? Tell us all about it.