SF Sonic- Zamindar Ka Doctor, Dewas- Press Coverage-Jabalpur

‘The second edition of Zamindar ka Doctor was held on 21st July 2015 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. With over 125 tractor owners participating in the event, SF Sonic Batteries is another step closer to healthier farmers for a healthy nation. The event was covered by a host of national and regional dailies.’

Agni Bann  P.No-14, Jabalpur 23-07-15

Agni bann_Jabalpur_23-07-15_p no 14

Agradoot P.No-07 Jabalpur 23-07-15

Agradoot_Jabalpur_23-07-15_p no 07

Dainik Kshitij P.No-07Jabalpur 23-07-15

Dainik Kshitij_Jabalpur_23-07-15_p no 07

Hari Bhoomi P.No 07 Jabalpur 24-07-15

Hari bhoomi_Jabalpur_24-07-15_p no 07

Jagrti Sahas P.No-04 Jabalpur 23-07-15

Jagrti sahas_Jabalpur_23-07-15_p no 04

Jailok P.No-08 Jabalpur 23-07-15

Jailok_Jabalpur_23-07-15_p no 08