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A Sneak Peek Into Motoring World Awards 2018

The Motoring World Awards 2018, sponsored by SF Sonic, was an immense success in honouring and rewarding automobiles that add value to the automobile realm and customer’s lives. Motoring World Awards 2018 included 26 categories to honour the best cars and motorcycles in their respective fields. This year all the cars and motorcycles were tested at MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track). Here’s t... Read More

“More Power Per Crank.” – SF Sonic Batteries

Tested, Certified, Proven. Against the best batteries in the market. If you know your car, you will be having a SF SONIC under the hood. Just ask the engineers at Jaguar and Range Rover who have recommended SF SONIC as OEM for their cars. We have technical collaborations with world’s leading lead-acid battery manufacturers of Japan, USA and China and our factories roll out what we believe it i... Read More