best ways that leads to fuel savings

The Empowering Wellness Sutra For Fuel Savings

Scan the internet and you find enough and more has been written on how to save on fuel costs. We say feel relaxed about the rising fuel costs. Just a few adjustments that include servicing your car on time, cleaning out your air-filter and keeping your tyre inflated at the prescribed pressure are all good technical reasons for fuel efficiency. Of course fuel savings means more wellness for the wal... Read More
step check to buying a used car

The Amateur’s Professional 5 Step Check to Buying a Used Car

Most of us believe that the used car market can deliver the right car to us. And we are right about that. The spew of new releases and the way current owners are upgrading their cars, there are some really good bargains out there. But how do you know if the car that looks so inviting at the second-hand dealer’s is not an invitation for trouble later. And most of us, though we like driving, are j... Read More
SFSonic Car Battery Life

7 Deadly Sins of Fuel Efficiency

You would be surprised to know that the fuel efficiency of your car is in your hands rather than the design of the car. Most of us do simple mistakes out of habit or thinking that if the majority is doing it, it must be right. Well here are 7 sins that can easily be avoided and your car can go longer on a tank of fuel. This will also help car battery life. Keeping your car idling in the morning... Read More
Best Car Battery Online

How to Know if your Battery is Safe

A Primer from the SF Sonic Lab A car battery looks like a harmless box of plastic but is probably one of the more volatile parts of your car if you don’t buy the right battery. So how does one know if a battery is safe to use? For this, you need to understand a few points about what happens inside a battery. Lead and lead dioxide plates are immersed in an electrolyte solution that is made u... Read More