Female. Fearless

Women can fly. Women can touch the sky. They have wings. They have spirit. And there is no height that daunts them. Here’s our tribute to women who are simply amazing.  The women on wheels, on wings and on high diet of adrenaline. Debbie Lawler aka “The Flying Angel” You would think that EvelKnievel, the daredevil motorcycle stuntman, has no equal. Well a woman made us think again. De... Read More

“ROAD” – Manali to Leh

For those who believe there is really a “road” from Manali to Leh, in Ladakh, one would gracefully ask them to define the very word. 482 kilometres without a fuel pump. Jagged, muddy slippery stretches of gravel. Foot-deep stretches of slushtraps. The ever-present danger of landslide. Rockslide. Mudslide. Sometimes all three. Narrow paths that yawn stingily for lonely hundreds of miles. ... Read More

SF Sonic Ignites Sparks This Valentine’s Day with Top 6 Romantic Getaways

Yup. You, your Valentine and your set of wheels. There’s nothing like the three of you on the road that says “I love you so much that I-am-leaving-everything-behind-and-hitting-the-road-with-you“. From dawn to midnight the open road has all the answers for the most vital question of February “What shall we do for Valentine Day.” As automotive battery people we know a thing or two about ... Read More

7 Reasons That Will Waylay You on the GOA Highway

Driving to Goa to take a break? We say take a break from your break. And there are seven stops you can do just that.  This is a list that will get a nod from the old hands who’ve been doing the Goa road for many years, what we feel are the real gems on the Goa road. And we are not talking Gantpatipule, Sindhudurg or Tarkali either, you will find those places on any tourist site. These are the p... Read More

Cold weather tips: Starting a car in the cold

Cold weather makes the engine hard to start for two main reasons. First, oil thickens when it's cold, which increases friction and makes it harder for the motor to spin the engine. Cold also slows the chemical reaction in the car's battery, reducing its power output. Battery output is usually rated at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, below which starting power drops drastically. Here are a few steps you can... Read More