e rickshaw battery manufacturers in India

4 Reasons for The Increasing Popularity of e-Rickshaws

E-rickshaws – It’s a bet you’ve been on one of them. E-rickshaws are growing in popularity because of the several benefits they bring along. Here are 4 reasons for the increasing popularity of e-rickshaws: 1) Convenience in commuting Given the increasing traffic, city commuting has never been more inconvenient and challenging. However, e-rickshaw is emerging as an effective solution to c... Read More

How Vaahak, the eRickshaw Battery will Power us into the Future

The Rickshaw has been an iconic representation of our country to the world. It has got almost ingrained in the DNA of our transport system and we can never do without these slipping through even the most tightly packed cordon of traffic snarls in any city of India.  But with the changing times, our very own Rickshaw is also undergoing a transformation. It’s going electric with a specially dev... Read More