Regular Inverter Battery Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your battery regularly. A battery contains corrosive and potentially dangerous compounds. A nearly-drained battery runs the risk of leaking and damage beyond repair. An over-charged battery runs the risk of exploding. Besides these risks, a well-maintained battery can give you optimum performance and have a much longer life than a neglected battery. At SF Sonic, ou... Read More

Order your Inverter battery online to save time and money

The inverter battery is the very heart and soul of our savior during power-cuts. Power-cuts turn our lives into a mess for as long as they last. Imagine having to sit in the dark with weird, creepy noises around you; or worse, a deathly silence. You are working on something very important for your presentation tomorrow when the UPS starts beeping, signaling you have “T-10 minutes” till doomsda... Read More