Fit for Speed - Moto GP

Fit for Speed

You are absolutely convinced looking at the lean and wispy riders and the TV footage of the Moto GP race that you have it in you to become a speed devil. So you go out and buy the most eye-popping bike with stats and definitions that blow your mind. Soon you start racing on the secluded highway. Well, sooner than that you will find out that the critics were wrong. Driving in Moto GP is not for the... Read More
Power Play - Moto GP

Power Play – Moto GP

To win a race, power is of the utmost importance. The Moto GP has had its share of contention regarding how much power is feasible. There is, of course, a price to be paid for generating that amount of staggering power. Essentially, the power that an engine can generate is almost limitless. Theoretically, at least. However, there are a number of designing constraints. The machine has to meet some ... Read More