The importance of car battery maintenance: An expert speaks.

experts_speakThe first thing that buying a car brings to my mind is its maintenance. However, if you’re aware of the ideal process of battery maintenance there is hardly any need to worry. Maintaining the battery in the right way always turns out be a life saver for cars.

Maintaining a battery

The battery, being the backbone of a car is the first thing you need to take care of. The wellbeing of the battery translates to the wellbeing of the car. If you want to retain your car in its running condition, choose your battery correctly. But does this alone serve your purpose? The answer is no. Car battery maintenance plays a huge role in the process. We all know that the more the battery lives, the longer your car runs. Keeping this in mind, lately the service experience for battery maintenance has been uplifted. The services of automotive battery maintenance have been modified to extend greater advantages to you, the owners. There are numerous battery manufacturers who have also introduced the service of free maintenance. I recommend one of the leaders in the battery business, SF Sonic for the durability of two and four wheeler batteries. SF Sonic’s Range of Lead Acid Batteries is appropriate for the ambivalence of Indian roads.

The process

The need of two and four wheeler battery maintenance is to increase its life expectancy. Regular checks of the battery by following some easy steps would surely make your auto battery run longer:

  • The battery should be safely placed to the cradle as well as the connection between the cable clamps and lead wire should be rightly done.
  • The battery should be kept clean and dry. No use of grease should be done. Use of petroleum jelly in the cable clamps and terminals will help keep them lubricated.
  • Acid is barred. Distilled water could be used to maintain the level to the maximum.
  • The vent plugs should always be tightly closed.
  • Vent hose in the battery should never be damaged or crumpled by the exhaust system.
  • Vehicle’s electrical system should be kept under regular checks. Examining the regulator voltage setting is also necessary.
  • Frequent battery servicing from the nearest authorized dealer is important.

The author is an automotive expert with an experience of 26 years