Tractor Owners: Questions To Ask Your Mechanic

It goes without saying that you must conduct a routine maintenance of your tractor to increase its working life. And while you are on it, your mechanic is the best person to help you.

But there might be instances when you get confused about the things to discuss with your mechanic. To help you, we have prepared a list of things you should ask your mechanic to ensure proper inspection and maintenance.

1) Have you worked before on this make?
A mechanic who has enough experience working on the same brand as your tractor’s will have the knowledge and skills to work with the complex parts. Also, such mechanics will have a supply of the exact parts or have connections with dealers who sell the same.

2) My tractor has ‘X’ issues, can you help me?
It’s good to know what’s wrong with your tractor. But you must describe the symptoms in a general way so that the mechanic doesn’t ignore other problems in your tractor.

3) Do I get written estimates from your shop/garage?
It’s likely to get financial surprises when you are going to a mechanic for a maintenance check. Therefore, ask for written estimates upfront to avoid any extra or hidden charges.

4) Suggest me some maintenance tips
What’s better than learning about proper maintenance of your tractor from an expert? While most mechanics teach you how to further maintain your tractor, some may forget on the account of being busy. Make sure you ask your mechanic the tips to properly maintain your machine.

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