Kaziranga National Park

Travel to the North-East of India

If God wanted some peace and tranquility, He would have gone to the North-Eastern frontier of India. A land of mist, deep velvety green forests, mighty rivers, steep ravines, fierce warriors and gentle beauty, it is nothing short of paradise. In the jungles roars the mighty tiger, herds of elephants gently graze, the grumpy rhino charges at everything, exotic birds call their mates to nest and humble people welcome you with the most beautiful smile. Here are five places in the north-east you must visit:

1. Kaziranga National Park (Assam):

A World Heritage site, this vast sanctuary is located in Assam. Home to two-thirds of the world’s last remaining one-horned Asiatic Rhino, this majestic green paradise also houses one the largest number of tigers in the world and boasts of the densest tiger population. This is partly due to an equally high density of prey available. Other species include the Asiatic elephant, water-buffalo, leopard, flying squirrel, civet and a vast variety of birds. Excellent safari on elephant back and jeeps are available.

Kaziranga National Park

2. Dawki (Meghalaya):

Located in Meghalaya, it is on the fringes of the international border between India and Bangladesh. The Umngot River that flows through here is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Its transparency is so great that in photographs people appear to be floating in air and not on water. It is also the venue for a famous boat race held annually. Being very close to Bangladesh, the weekly haat offers a rich variety of articles from across borders. The suspension bridge built by the British in 1932 is also a great attraction. Here you can see the true beauty of the Jaintia hills.

Dawki (Meghalaya)

3. Dzukou Valley (Nagaland):

Nagaland is known since ancient times as a land of great warriors. However, once you meet the people, their warmth will fill your heart with peace. True to the spirit of the land, the Dzukou Valley means ‘land of eternal beauty’. The climb is relatively difficult, but the valley is like a garden during the peak summer and rainy seasons. Valleys of lush green vegetation with colourful flowers undulating in the cool breeze is mesmerizing. The traditional dresses, ornate weapons, handicrafts and artwork are worth collecting.

Dzukou Valley (Nagaland)

4. Tamenglong (Manipur):

One of most interesting places in the North East, Tamenglong is a quiet town in Manipur which is well known for the scenic beauty around it. A land of varying undulations, it presents many places of interest like the Barak waterfall, the Tharon Cave, the Buning meadow and the Zeilad lake, among others. The waterfall is a series of seven closely ranged waterfalls. The Tharon cave has evidences of a close relationship between the tribes in Manipur with those in Vietnam. Buning valley is well known for its Orchids and Lilies.

Tamenglong (Manipur)

5. Mechuka (Arunachal Padesh):

Mechuka is said to be named by a combination of three local words meaning ‘icy medicinal water’. The Siyom river that flows through this pretty town is believed to have medicinal value. At least the valley and the river is a medicine to the tired hearts! The place is famous for its 400 years old Buddhist monastery, the Samten Yongcha monastery. The Mechuka lake is also a beautiful site to visit. If you are into collecting local crafts, the bamboo and cane crafts ere truly extraordinary here.
Mechuka (Arunachal Padesh)