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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

It’s important to have a checklist of must- do things to improve the performance of your car. At SF Sonic (India’s one of the top battery manufacturers), we are committed towards helping and advising car owners to utilise their cars efficiently.

Our dedicated section on car troubleshooting will help you keep your car out of trouble.

Now, let’s discuss more on the car maintenance checklist to help you keep your car running smoothly:

1. Air filter
A proper and clean air filter helps improve your car’s fuel efficiency and increases the life of the engine. You must refer to the owner’s manual to learn about how often to change the air filter.

2. Tyre tread and air pressure
Proper tyre pressure and tread depth are important in ensuring a safe and fuel-efficient ride. It is therefore important to check tyre pressure and tread depth every month, especially before carrying extra loads or leaving for long road trips.

3. Engine oil
Engine oil has many functions, including, cooling of the engine, lubrication of the moving parts, and reducing friction. It’s important to change the engine oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

4. Serpentine belt
Serpentine belt may seem a trivial part, but it plays an important role in powering peripheral devices such as AC compressor, power steering pump, and the alternator. It’s a must to check for crack or wear and tear on the belt.

5. Spark plugs
Your car’s engine will fail to work at optimal capacity if the sparks plugs are old and aren’t functioning properly. It’s good to get them checked by a professional and replace faulty spark plugs.

6. Shocks and struts
Shocks and struts play an important role in controlling the impact of shock when your car passes over bumps and uneven terrain. It’s important to have these inspected by a professional to ensure a safe drive.

7. Windshield wipers
Good performance of the windshield wipers goes a long way in ensuring safety whilst on the road.

8. Battery
Battery is one of the most important components to make your car run. However, the battery’s performance can degrade due to corrosion in the terminals, low electrolyte level, or simply due to regular use. It’s important to check these factors when conducting battery maintenance.

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